Donkey 's Ears


After picking up the clients at their accommodation at the appointed time, we will go to the starting point of this route which allows us to climb Pico de la Zarza, the highest mountain of Fuerteventura with its 807 meters, located in the south of the Island and within the natural park of Jandia. This mountain is known by the majoreros as "ears of donkey", because, together with the Pico de la Palma, from the distance they remember the shape of the ears of this animal. Going up the leeward side we will find some steep stretches, but once we reach the top the amazing views will make us forget about the fatigue. We will be on the roof of the island, touching the sky with our hands and at our feet kilometres of wild beaches, Cofete and Barlovento beaches, making out the arch of Jandia with very steep walls, the remains of an old volcanic building. After a rest and a few photos, we will start the return to the starting point, and then return to the accommodation.

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